A No No Country (Irony)


Keep on wonder how people now posessed n obsessed on a label but never really pay atention on crucial point and implementation.

One says “I am nationalist, being hater for anycountry who defeat his national football team, but really dont care when almost hundred percent of his natural source stolen by United of Snakes”

One says “I am Pancasilais, being so rampant n giving too much prejudice when a citizen of INA can’t spell pancasila perfectly, but keeping on cool when facts say that NONE of those values in Pancasila are ever done. NONE.”

One says “I am Anti capitalist, banned every well-known branded food, label, cosmetic-stuff, etc but live good n never feel annoy with all derivative thoughts from that rubbish ideology. You keep on believe in democracy, freedom of speech, united nations, etc? Yes? :D”

One says “I am scientist, give high appreciation on scientific research, never accept any idea in a rush, appreciate mostly to objectional view and smart discussion, BUT believe there’s no such almighty -calls GOD- who creates every single thing. Deeply believe to irrational n dogmatic evolution theory. Keep on say that LIFE comes from random accident without anything create it. (See how even they (evolusionist) cant make any logic evidence why it’s always LEVO protein build up the living thing)”

One says “I’m muslim, goes well to mosque five times a day, give hysteria effect to a song sung by maher Zain, but being a freak when someone else shout out TERAPKAN SYARIAH dan KHILAFAH”.

Whats going on here? Just tell me, anybody… ANYBODY!


*Semburat Jingga*




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