It’s just…Nothing!


Hey people, be aware of me!
You see me, but you actually do not
You hear me, but i’m sorry to tell that you do not
You (feel) like you talk to me, but yeah it’s just sort of ‘a feeling’

I do apply some thick foundation, covering my cheek, chin, just like a mask there on my face
I got no idea how to get rid of it, it sticks to me like something stronger than a regular FOX glue
Sometimes i found it is so hard to act and speak in the way i used to be
Those mask…yah those foundation or face compact powder or whatever it might be called, precludes all nature in me
Like some of the days i had before, i just want to make some annotation of things really not me

When it comes and screw up my day
Then it moves my mind somewhere strange
Or it drives my stuff unacceptable, incomprehensible

So there is the point i want to place this annotation
That i am just a human
I am a human
Who fall sometimes
Cry sometimes
Be hell-out-of-nothing sometime
Cheat sometimes
Act like a corpse sometimes
But be normal, healthy, charming, curious, gorgeous and extraordinary sometimes
Okay note, i am writing you today for my remembrance
Let’s have today for being nothing.

Semburat Jingga


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