Review: Lust For Life by Irving Stone

This book exclusively portrayed Van Gogh’s life, Europe best painter ever. So long time before i read this book, i always thought that Van Gogh must be very popular, well-accepted, and honored person at his age. I mean, oh come on, his painting even rumoured on over a trillion rupiah, what a fantastic price!

But what i found later was so unexpected!

Hard to say, but yes, Vincent Van Gogh was discarded by his people en bloc he lost the trust from his family. Started from the decision to leave his promising career on his Uncle’s Gallery to begin opportunity in painting. Then without income, Gogh depended his life fully to his younger brother, Leo, whose become the one and only person blessed him sincerely without any purpose. This was noticed by surrounding as Gogh’s badness, and people start labelled him as parasite in Theo’s life.

For Gogh, it was very hard to start painting. But as he practiced everyday, his natural gift in painting getting vivid. Even he moved to Greece to explore more and find any view to be his object. Finally time he spent there in Greece was the golden age for his maturity in painting. He met lot of extraordinary painter with their own and original stream on painting. But the shiny career did not on his side yet, he couldn’t sell even one of his painting.

Gogh’s love life was be in accordance with his painting career. He was also discarded and forgotten by all girls he loved. Thus, Irving Stone was described that Gogh -by his stressing life and extremity of exhaustion on painting- ever imagined that he loved by a girl next door. The hunger of attention he felt, made him being so passionately wanted a love from woman and as he couldn’t get it in real life, he made it true in imagination!

Well, till the last time he passed away, i still can’t understand why misery always following him. Even Gogh couldn’t see that nowadays people high-esteemed his painting. People give him an honor and sympathy for his life, his struggle and his creation.

Hiks, so sad for him. I can feel CLEARLY his exhaustion, his hopeless, his struggle, the hottest day he spent in Greece. All is so madly made me sad. I hate knowing Gogh’s facts, people (at that time) seemed so unfair to him!

(Semburat Jingga)


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